Our Mission

The overall mission of Heritage Baptist Church is to "Honor God by Making Disciples Who Make Disciples..."   We look forward to carrying out this mission on a daily basis!  The HBC Student Ministry is led by Pastor Tim Oberst and a great group of equipped adult leaders.  Please come and meet us sometime.  We'd love to connect with you at anytime!!

Our Vision

Our vision consists of training and equipping young people to be lights in a dark world!  God's Word tells us that as Christians we are the light of the world- Matt. 5:14a.  We are also told in vs. 16 to "Let your light so shine before men" Our vision is to see students and adult leaders living this out in their everyday lives.  Everything we do involves getting our students ready to enter the "next step" (after graduation) with a solid understanding of Biblical principles, and see the students shine as lights in a world/community that God places them in.  We'd love to tell you more about this at some point.  Please come and join us sometime!