Word of Life Camps - New york

Due to COVID-19 all WOL New York camps have had to cancel. We are going to be working at an alternative plan if at all possible. Please be praying for our youth ministry team as we talk through this process. Scholarships will be honored for the 2021 camping season!

  • The Island

    A 40-acre Island in the middle of 9 mile long lake.  This is a special place for developing your relationship with Jesus Christ.  Many of our students have made life-long commitments to serve the Lord with their life while attending this summer camp.  More info at www.camps.wol.org   

  • The Wild

    This camp is designed especially for our middle school students in mind.  The majority of the ages that attend this camp would be 6th - 8th graders.  Please check it out at camps.wol.org

  • The Ranch

    The WOL Ranch is designed for the 1st - 5th grade students at our church!  The Ranch has a ton of horses and is designed to keep your children engaged in all facets of camp life.  Again, visit camps.wol.org for more info!

  • The Lodge

    This is for adults, youth leaders, church ministry leaders and their families!  The WOL LODGE is a great place to connect with other adults while your students are attending camp.   The food/buffet is phenomenal!!!  Check it out sometime.