Word of Life Camps - New york

Due to COVID-19 all WOL New York camps have had to cancel. Looking forward to summer of 2021.  Scholarships will be honored for the 2021 camping season!

  • The Island

    A 40-acre Island in the middle of 9 mile long lake.  This is a special place for developing your relationship with Jesus Christ.  Many of our students have made life-long commitments to serve the Lord with their life while attending this summer camp.  More info at www.camps.wol.org   

  • The Wild

    This camp is designed especially for our middle school students in mind.  The majority of the ages that attend this camp would be 6th - 8th graders.  Please check it out at camps.wol.org

  • The Ranch

    The WOL Ranch is designed for the 1st - 5th grade students at our church!  The Ranch has a ton of horses and is designed to keep your children engaged in all facets of camp life.  Again, visit camps.wol.org for more info!

  • The Lodge

    This is for adults, youth leaders, church ministry leaders and their families!  The WOL LODGE is a great place to connect with other adults while your students are attending camp.   The food/buffet is phenomenal!!!  Check it out sometime.