Word on Wheels Bike Trip

Our Word on Wheels Bike Trip took place the week of July 6 - July 14, 2018.  We had a great trip, and we were able to see 3 people trust Christ as we did some witnessing along the route.  Our destination was Noah's Ark Waterpark in WI.     

Here are some key dates for 2018: (Already completed - 2019 TBA)

Info Meeting- Sunday night, March 18 @7:30pm in the End Zone

Rookie Orientation & Ride- Saturday, May 5 @Noon in the End Zone (15+ miles)

Practice Ride #1- Saturday, May 19 @10am (20+ miles)

Practice Ride #2- Saturday, June 9 @9am (50+ miles)

Practice Ride #3- Saturday, June 23 @8am (70+ miles)

Trip Dates: July 6 - July 14

We will leave at 8am on July 6 & return to HBC near 6pm on July 14.

The WOW Bike Trip 2018 is finished! Recap night is August 12th @6pm!  

What is the Trip all about?

The trip itself is all about evangelism and discipleship!  We have a ton of fun biking, but the real goal is to see our students challenged in their walk with Christ.  We end the trip at a huge amusement park to give the students some validation for all that biking:)!  This trip has been a training tool at HBC for over 35 years.  Please pray for us as we continue to plan for the 2018 trip.